Hi! It's great connecting with you.

I'm Salonee,
a user experience designer with an aim 
to bring about a
positive change through design.

I combine my quick problem-solving abilities with my passion for research to create simplistic experiences.
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My work


Design system Clinikk

Shaping the design system for 5 platforms 

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Growlive App

Can creator's conduct monetized live classes without zoom? Turn's out they can. 

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Referral design for 

Can referrals be more than only cashback to users? Checkout. 

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Desecc website UI/UX Case study

Can architects, brands, and contractors be connected on one platform?  

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Elevator interface for a highrise building

Can elevators on a high rise be easier to use? That lead to some brainstorm. 

Short projects.   

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Riders App

Ever thought of an app for cyclists to buy fitness products along with a community feature to interact? 

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Crave app

Choosing a restaurant from a long list is hard? Crave makes it much easier. 

🙏 Thankyou for your time.

Looking forward!