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Hello, I'm Salonee!👋
My journey in UX design and research began when I was trying to find something which is a combination of technical aspects and creative abilities 🎨+👩‍💻.

At the time I knew nothing about UX so I joined architecture. My study in architecture at Manipal Academy of Higher Education taught me to think like a designer, to push my thinking into different possibilities to approach a problem.

After being exposed to the real world of architecture, I realized my passion is for design thinking, product, and UX/UI design.

I have worked in healthcare design having contributed as a User experience designer at Clinikk Healthcare. Also, worked as a Product design consultant with qoohoo, Khyaal, e-Cloud Labs. I have collaborated with the founders to shape the product, research experience, visual design

The possibilities by which good design can impact the lives of its users fascinate me the most. 

My Mission

Combining accessibility, empathy and innovation to create design solutions and research breakthroughs to create a sustainable impact.

My Skills

Design Thinking
User Research
Brainstorming ideas


Visual Design

Tools I know!

Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop

MS Office

Fun facts!

Big time foodie

Amateur Chef 

Love doodling 

Dark chocolate is all time favorite

Obsessed with Bollywood retro to classical to EDM to...


Apart from designing some of my interests include doodling, illustration, sketching product ideas🎨 , and cooking something interesting🥧. I believe these activities are a great way to foster my creativity.

I also enjoy learning new concepts in psychology and mental models🧠.

🙏 Thankyou for your time.

Looking forward!